About Us

Welcome to the Austin Area School District, home of the Panthers! In our district, we have awesome students in grades PreK through 12—all in one building. We’re happy to say that everyone really does know everyone! You matter here!

What Makes Us Different

As the smallest school district in Pennsylvania, we provide a rare opportunity for students to receive a customized student experience. We are unique in that we provide outstanding programs that cater to our students at a personal level.

We Prepare Students to Succeed

When you graduate from AASD, you are prepared to succeed in college or your chosen career. At AASD, we guide and stand behind you while providing you with a well-rounded education.

Our Mission

Austin Area School District, with cooperation from the community, parents, and students, provides a supportive environment with a variety of educational opportunities to empower each student to develop the attitude, behaviors, skills, and knowledge to become self-assured, responsible, and economically productive citizens.

Our Vision

The vision of the Austin Area School District is to provide students with the skills necessary to reach the mission through a dedicated focus on core academics and to attain proficiency on state or federal assessments.

Communication: Students will apply their skills through written products incorporating an expansive use of vocabulary in the various writing processes utilizing the available current technology.

Social skills: Students will demonstrate socially acceptable citizenship skills, demonstrating the ability to apply conflict resolution for interpersonal and intrapersonal situations.

Critical thinking skills: Students will analyze critical educational issues in the field of science, math, social studies, English, and the arts to develop creative projects, demonstrating solid instructional preparation.

Learning skills: Students will self-analyze their instructional tendencies with a focus provided on developing instructional presentations and activities to expand their strengths while developing strategies to address their needs.

Rigor: The district will ensure that instruction is aligned to state standard expectations with an emphasis on educational rigor to provide the highest level of instruction for students to meet state and federal proficiency issues through graduation and beyond.


Technology is an integral part of education in our district used to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Students in preschool through the first grade each have access to an iPad. We issue a Chromebook to students in second grade and above.

With one-to-one technology, our students can collaborate easily with peers and teachers, receive personalized instruction, and complete and submit assignments electronically. They also gain access to digital textbooks, online resources, and education software.

Device Insurance

We get it; things break. Especially where screens and kids exist together. Protect your child’s device by purchasing device insurance. Please remit payment through our MySchoolBucks online payment portal.

Special Education

No two children are alike, and no two children are in the exact same place academically, physically, or emotionally—and that’s okay! At AASD, we meet our students where they are by ensuring they receive the appropriate assistance and intervention they need to thrive at school. To schedule a screening or discuss the particular needs of your child, please contact us.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

We have made great progress in implementing a robust STEM program that has transformed the way learning looks at our school. From our littlest learners to our graduating seniors, students engage in hands-on, meaningful, and authentic experiences. Students learn about the exciting world of STEM and leave prepared with the skills to successfully utilize the technology of today and the future.