School District


Austin Area School District, in unity with the community, parents, and students provides a supportive educational environment with opportunities to empower each student to develop the skills and knowledge to become economically productive citizens.


Austin Area School District will provide instructional opportunities, using the core academic standards, for students to demonstrate proficiency.

Academic Rigor; the District will provide quality instruction for students to meet the required grade appropriate core standards at all levels.

Understanding; students will apply communication skills through written and oral products (incorporating an expansive use of vocabulary through multiple mediums).  The various mediums would provide for inclusion of different types of writing, speeches and the use of technology integrated with the arts.

Socialization; students will utilize socially acceptable interpersonal and intrapersonal citizenship skills. 

Technology; students will use technology to support and analyze data to provide timely reinforcement and enrichment for core skills.

Individualization; students will receive a customized education plan specific to their needs.

Novel Ideas; students will analyze critical educational issues to develop creative real world projects.

School Board Members

Mr. Joseph Burgett

Mrs. Nancy Glover

Mrs. Britta Hooftallen - Vice President
Mrs. Julie Jeffers

Mrs. Kathy Jeffers - Secretary

Mr. Darwin Reese  - President

Mr. Jerry Sasala
Mrs. Sarah Stafford

Mrs. Michelle Valenti
Mr. Ralph Young


The school board meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 6:00 in the school library.